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Book Characters

Character naming disclosure:

Percenters and the Amber Pendant has over 60 characters.  Every name in the book is a name of someone from the author's life, either past or present.  But, the names are not related to the characters or their traits and likewise the characters are not based on the person who may share that name. The author literally pulled names out of a hat!

How he did it:  This picture is the "Character Wall" in the author's office. It's still there today! Each character's traits, specific identities and unique characteristics were crafted on these Post-its over the course of 5 years. Once the book's storyline was finalized, the author drew names and randomly assigned them to his characters.

*Like every rule, this one was meant to be broken! There are a few names simply dreamt up. Example: the heroine Jenavieve de Fenace' (pronounced fen-AH-say)! 

Author P. H. Perrine Wall of Characters